Our Recovery Program
Is Divided Into
Two Categories

A. Primary program (144 days)
B. Secondary program (28 days)

Documents Required
For The Admission

1. Aadhaar Card copy of patient and guardian.
2. PAN card copy of the patient or the person escorting him for admission.
3. Two recent passport size photo of the patient.

Our Fee Structure Includes

1. One time admission fee
2. Monthly fee (accommodation and food)
3. Psychiatrist fee (doctor, counselor, medicine and therapist)

To know more about our fees, treatment, and facilities please request a callback or you can also leave a message for us with your query.

**Please note down that the expenses for medical treatment, pathological test, and psychiatrist as required will be charged separately.**

Luggage And Essentials
That You Need To Bring
With Yourself
(At The Time Of Admission)

1. Casual clothing – Bermuda/ Sweatpant/ T-shirt
2. Two sets of undergarments
3. Yoga Costume
4. Towel.
5. Bed-sheet/ chaddar
6. Disposable twin blade razor + shaving kit.
7. Toothpaste & toothbrush
8. Bathing soap + box + shampoo
9. Hair oil
10. Washing soap/ detergent
11. Talcum powder
12. Notebook (100 pages) + pen

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