You will find plenty of medication on the market, and many more are being developed every day. There are plenty of modern medicines and therapies that can help you treat the illnesses, but none of them can fully cure the problem of addiction. But there is something more than a medicine, which is more than therapy which is more than counseling and with 100 percent treatment it has proven to heal addiction completely and it is known as Cosmic Therapy.

Why the statement ” Cosmic Therapy can completely cure addiction” is justified?

Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand who is a spiritual leader is the founder of Cosmic Therapy. In the form of Integrative Cosmic Medicine, Dr. Shivanand introduced this new and revolutionary method. When integrating Integrative Cosmic Medicine with modern medicine, the cure has been observed to be faster, and doctors have said the cure is possible.

Advantages Of Having Cosmic Therapy

  • Health and well-being achievement.
  • Healing is carried out at the root level .
  • When integrated with modern medicine, remarkable results will be achieved .
  • A chance to start your therapy center and pursue it as a vocation either by dedicating yourself as a full-time therapist or as a part-time
Cosmic Therapy In A Rehabilitation Center

Cosmic Therapy In
A Rehabilitation Center

The Cosmic Therapy will be used as an individual treatment for the first time in a rehabilitation center that can help you in complete recovery. Cosmic Therapy is completely separate from the rest of the recovery program as it is a very new and unique recovery approach.
The project founder and director of Hope Wellness Retreat Mr. Anjan Malakar, who has taken the training under Dr. Shivanand have been awarded the certification of a professional cosmic therapist. Mr. Malakar himself will use the therapy upon our patients so you don’t need to worry about your loved ones as he is in the hands of a certified professional.

The World Health Organization or which you also know as WHO as stated that addiction cannot be completely cured but this statement can no longer be justified as we now know, with the help of Cosmic Therapy, you can have complete freedom from your dependency.

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