Family Anonymous is a 12-step program of families and friends who have felt a sense of desperation about someone important to them, often triggered by drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or other behavioral problems.


The main reason behind the development of Family Anonymous Program
Codependency is a condition in a relationship where one person encourages dependence, poor mental well-being, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-realization of another person.

The 12-steps
For Recovery
From Codependency

STEP -1 .Having a deeper sense of belonging would help you eliminate isolation by keeping this promise.

STEP-2. Letting fears no longer control you, but overcoming fears and confronting situations with courage, dignity, and integrity

STEP-3. Knowing new freedom from codependency and enjoying it.

STEP-4. Letting go of past and present attachments, such as anxiety and remorse, and not repeating this.

STEP-5. Practicing self and others ‘ love and acceptance.

STEP-6. Through your current and potential friendships, you must consider seeing yourself as fair to others.

STEP-7. Recognizing your desire to have healthy working relationships and to sustain them.

STEP-8. Knowing that you can improve and rebuild and choose to connect to your community safely and healthily.

STEP-9. Knowing that in this universe you are a human of importance.

STEP-10. You don’t have to seek validation from others for your sense of value.

STEP-11. Trusting in and seeking guidance from your higher power.

STEP-12. Every day you feel serenity, power, and faith (in time).

Are you a Codependent ?

Ask these questions to yourself to know that if you are a codependent or not

1. Do you look after other people better than yourself?
2. Would you obsess with other people when you talk of them, feel anxious about them, and find them out?
3. Would you know what other people do, say, like and hate, but are you unsure about your own emotions, opinions, likes and dislikes?
4. Should you feel responsible for the choices of other people?
5. Do you adjust yourself in the expectation that other people will improve as well?
6. Were you trapped and being victimized?
7. Try fixing and controlling people, locations, and things?
8. Would you deny reality?
9. Do you have trouble knowing what your borders are supposed to be?
10. Are you facing problems telling no without feeling guilty?
11. Would you encourage others to exploit and influence you?
12. Do you cheat to cover up the mistakes of others?
13. Do you distrust your actions or your feelings?
14. Would you please people because you are afraid of rejection and need acceptance desperately?
15. Do you know what’s right for everyone else, but you have trouble making your own life decisions?

You are a Codependent if you answered YES to two or more questions.
Mildly Codependent: 2-5
Moderately Codependent: 5-10
Extremely Codependent: 10-15

You are no longer alone when you enter our rooms, yet among companions who have had comparative issues. Any individual concerned is urged to attend our gatherings, even though there is only one presumption of an inquiry.

Hope Wellness Retreat offers you workshops and meetings that are mandatory to attend every Saturday for the parents/guardian/ codependent individual. Those workshops and sessions are part of the patient’s primary treatment program and the therapy is ineffective without your participation.

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