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Is This Pandemic Affecting Your Mental Health?

The ongoing pandemic situation worldwide has put a dreadful impact on human minds. Covid-19 has already struck each arena of our life. What researchers have found is besides affecting physical health, this epidemic is also striking our mental health. Pushes the country’s wealth into uncertainties. Also, a lot of things have occupied our minds like, social distancing, fear of contamination, unsure future, unavailability of jobs. More or less our stories are sharing the same picture of uneasiness. For your mental wellbeing do contact Hope Wellness Retreat, providing the best psychiatric care in Siliguri.

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How is this pandemic affecting your mental health?

ways to take care of your mental health in this pandemic

How is this pandemic affecting your mental health?

We all know that this pandemic has taken away our jobs, freedom, and loved ones.

The adverse effects of Covid-19 on your mental health including:

Unsure Future: unsettled income source is one of the reasons for stress, depression, and anxiety. Additionally, not meeting near ones, friends for a long time can trigger your emotions. The more you stay alone, the more sensitive you’ll become. Lack of opportunities, resources puzzle our mental stability.

Unfulfilled hopes:  it’s true that the urge of returning to normal days captures our thoughts. But the wait is not over yet. Suffering from loneliness, the feeling of remoteness is creating extra pressure on daily life.

Domestic violence: Spending a lot of time at home maximizes the risks of domestic violence. alcohol consumption, substance abuse have increased noticeably, amplifying the number of physical and mental torture,

Ways to take care of your mental health in this Pandemic

 Here are a few tips from the best psychiatric care in Siliguri on how you can cast aside all your negative thoughts even during this pandemic. Share these tips with your near ones, and fight the fear together.

  •  Welcome New Hobbies: What experts are saying, that anxiety is normal in this current world situation. And for that, it’s essential for you to spend more time either with your family or with books, hobbies. For people who are living alone abroad or not in touch with their families can adopt new activities. Like gardening, it doesn’t require a garden. it just needs tiny space on your rooftop or at any corner of your balcony. Playing musical instruments also relieves stress, on the other hand cooking new dishes enhances your mood and taste.
  • Rely on Health Activities: Yoga, exercise, or Zumba pick any. These practices will turn your mood on. Online yoga class can be a great company, practice together, boost good mood together. Its key purpose is to reduce stress or any stress-like feelings. Improves sleeping patterns, doesn’t give you much chance to ponder over gloomy thoughts.
  • Look at your meals: We are what we eat! Healthy eating promotes healthy thinking. Processed, refined, and packaged foods drain all the energies out of your body, and make you feel lethargic. However, fresh, and raw fruits, veggies get digested quickly, thus, supplying instant energy that runs longer.

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