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Drug Abuse Among The Indian Youth

Teenage is such a phase of life where people are often influenced by their peers. This can have several factors but highly depends on the company that they are associated with. But normally it is observed that the kids of this age try to pick up unhealthy habits faster than anything else. There is a simple explanation for this, to look cool. There is a very concept that drug usage can make you look cool and in order to achieve that they start taking these drugs. The end results are simply horrifying and end up in a compromising situation in their life. Rehab centers in Siliguri are often crowded with such patients of this age group who are self-admitted or by their parents in an attempt to bring their lives in a stable condition.

      This article focuses on the various aspects of drug abuse among Indian youths along with a small description of one of the finest rehab centers in Siliguri.

Table of Content:

1. The cause and symptoms of drug abuse in Indian youth

2. The treatments that are used to cure drug abuse

3. Hope Wellness Retreat

4. Conclusion

The cause and symptoms of drug abuse in Indian youth

This is a severe problem that is not only limited to Indian youths but is considered a worldwide phenomenon. So all the things mentioned here are relevant to all the youth.


1. The major cause for the initiation of drug usage is peer pressure. As a parent, you have a grasp on your kid in his initiation childhood days. But when they reach near the adolescence stage your grasp starts to slowly fade away. They become much closer to their associates and an unhealthy company forces them to try drugs. To fit in the bracket your child is tempted to try this.

2. Family problems are another major issue that has been identified as the major issue in the usage of drugs. Your child might start taking drugs to order to find solace.

3. Teenagers are also tempted to use drugs if they are suffering from any mental disorders.


1. There are various visible physical problems such as difficulty in breathing, walking, talking to name a few.

2. Drug abuse also leads to various mental problems too.

      Apart from the symptoms and causes the patient always suffers from cut off in social ties too.

The treatments that are used to cure drug abuse

Similar to causes and symptoms this also universal for all youths and the numerous treatment procedure are followed in various rehabs are-

1. The first step towards the curing process of drug abuse is detoxification.

2. The next step that is followed is to provide medications to reduce the drug cravings.

3. Personality enhancement activities are also performed just to help the patient again revive his life in normal conditions.

Hope Wellness Retreat

We are a renowned organization that works for the benefit of society. Being one of the finest rehab centers in Siliguri we try to provide the essential service to help people to get rid of their addictions.


Youth is the backbone of a nation and drug abuse can lead to a disastrous impact on a nation’s prosperity.

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