The symptoms and causes of substance use disorder (drug addiction)

Drug use and abuse are one of the most common challenges that are faced by the youth of this generation. The overload of work and other societal demands usually makes an individual feel the need to escape into a euphoric world which does not exist in real life. In other words, it makes the individual forget about real-life problems and feel good about everything for a small amount of time. This tendency to escape with a medium of the drug becomes a problem when the individual loses his control over himself and continues the consumption. In a good rehab centre Siliguri these individuals are treated in the best way to start a new way of life for the future.

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Here are the symptoms and causes of drug addiction

You feel the urge to use and keep using the drug of your choice at regular intervals like it’s your medicine

You have an intense urge to use the drug that removes all kinds of worries

After getting immune to a certain drug, you require some other kind of drug with the same effect

Taking drugs more than the amount that you usually take.

You feel the need to keep up the supply of drug

You end up spending more money on drug than you can afford

Not being able to take responsibilities towards your work and failing at attending social events due to drug use

You continue to use the drug even after knowing that it is harmful for you overall health and affecting your psychological health too.

You tend to do illegal things like stealing to get the money needed to buy the drug

Losing control of your senses while you are under the influence of any drug.

You tend to fail in your attempts to quit on the drug.

You also experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit drug use.

In rehab centre Siliguri, these symptoms are treated with utmost professional care and support. The causes of these kinds of symptoms can be due to the use of drugs like:



Other cannabis containing a substance

Barbiturates, benzodiazepines and hypnotics

Other synthetic substances like brown sugar, cocaine etc.

In other words, drug addiction is also called substance uses disorder. This can start with occasional use in social gatherings. For some people, this usage starts with peer pressure. Individuals coming under the influence of drug due to peer pressure, start this habit often at a very young age. These people move on to become addicts in the future which ruins all chances of their happiness. In a good rehab centre Siliguri, these kinds of individuals are treated so that they can have a better future.

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