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What You Should Bring to Inpatient Rehab?

The inpatient rehab is the type of residential treatment which provides the best and the most effective rehab services for the patients who are suffering from the addiction of drugs and alcohol. This type of service is a big hit in Siliguri where many recoveries and detox programs are held for bringing the improvement in the addicted patient. The Siliguri rehab centre understands and deals with a specific situation and takes the recovery step. Patients are always recommended to carry out the basic things that they need but still, they need to take permission from the rehab centre to carry out the things which are required.

Common things recommended by the most rehabs

During the stay at the rehabilitation, the patient does require the personal items which will maintain the comfortability even at the recovery stage. The family members should play a big role while managing these things because at this time usually, the patient feels awkward going into rehab and there will be some fear inside them. This makes them incompetent and the concentration for packing up the needful things will be gone which is why the family needs to pack it up and help their close ones.

The first priority needs to be clothing and accessories, this is the most important thing. The wearing items need to be pack according to the weather and any T-shirts or clothes shouldn’t have the drug, alcohol references along with the offensive language or signs. The sleepwear needs to be comfortable and good flexible training clothes are required for many exercise and motivational sessions. The flip flops are also recommended for the shower and any other expensive wearing items also are the responsibility of the patient as well.

The toiletries items must include a new toothbrush, toothpaste, alcohol-free mouthwash, face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen and lotion. This all are the basic things which are compulsorily recommended by the rehab centres. However, the items need to be clearly double-checked for finding out the expiration date before packing up.

The ones who are on regular medication process needs to carry the prescription of the medication with the original packaging. Any other sealed vitamins and supplements or energy drink can only be allowed if the rehab centres approves to take. The patient should compulsorily carry their important documents which include identification form, driving license, prescription card, and health insurance card as well.

These all things are the major part of packing items which has also been included in the prior list of Siliguri rehab centre.

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