Along with the growth in the population of Siliguri, the number of addicted patients in the city is increasing day by day. So, to tackle this situation many moral boosting rehabilitation centre are established for the wellbeing of addicted individuals. These rehabilitation centre are turning out to be the most crucial centre for people in a difficult time. Complete motivating training and classes are given to the addicted people with imparting love and care. Maintaining the physical, social, mental or spiritual level inside the patients is the main thing that is focused by the rehabilitation centre in Siliguri to sort out the issues of addiction.

Therapy Included in Rehabilitation Centre

Within the premises in our  centre, the patient gets proper guidance and medication services that are performed in three different ways of therapies.

    • Physical Therapy

It is one of the important patient’s recovery process that helps to improve the physical strength of a person and also the movement of a body. Many rehabilitation centre of the city takes this therapy as the first and foremost step to help patients to get rid of addiction.

    • Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapist of the rehabilitation centre in Siliguri discusses the patterns of the addiction with patients. With this therapy, the addicted person can express their opinion about the recovery that encourages those patients to improve and recover quickly.

    • Speech Therapy

This therapy is the best way to build self-confidence inside the addicted individual. It is an assessment and treatment of addiction by the speech therapists that helps the patients by solving the communication problems and speech disorders.

RRehabilitation Centre Siliguri

Role of the Rehabilitation Centre

The rehabilitation centre in Siliguri has an emphasis role towards the patients suffering from addiction

  • Helping patients to a great dimensions
  • Providing best possible environment for recovery
  • Uplifting the communication skills of the patient
  • Caring and Protecting the patients to gain the positive attitude
  • Giving the motivating and encouraging speech regarding life


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