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Addiction? We can help you – 12 steps recovery program

We are Hope Wellness Retreat, a reliable Siliguri rehab center promoting the recovery program to tackle addiction. The recovery sessions here guides the patient to a new way of life. The substance use disorders are a harsh reality for the person and his family too. Therefore, we provide a twelve-step recovery program to give strength and hope during rehab. These 12 steps have been effective in giving prominent result throughout the world. So, we also focus on this program to examine the condition and motivate the patients to move on in their life. The main aim from our side via this 12 step recovery program is to awake the spirit of the patient.

The Twelve Steps

The principles of 12 steps recovery have given enormous strength to recovering patients. Here is a brief look at all the twelve steps:

Step 1: Honesty

The first step begins with teaching the patient to be honest about the situation. They will admit that they were powerless over the addiction and their life became miserable due to it.

Step 2: Faith

We motivate the patient in such a way that they will start to believe in themselves. In order to gain strength and power, one must have faith in it and the same concepts are used in this step.

Step 3: Surrender

This is a decision making step, a decision to surrender and make changes in life. Turning all over to the higher power can be a challenge for the patients but they need to accept it as well.

Step 4: Soul Searching

It is always said that if the patient looks the 12 step programs deeply then, he will see it as a process, not an event. This same thing is applied in this step for searching morality.

Step 5: Integrity

Regarded as the toughest step in the recovery, one admits the exact nature of their wrongs. In this phase, the patient will also get the benefit of mind development.

Step 6: Acceptance

Accepting the right thing is quite easy but the wrongs are always difficult. In this acceptance step, the patient will accept the defects in their character and get ready to improve them.

12 steps of addiction recovery with Siliguri rehab center

Step 7: Humility

This is a step of asking help from the higher powers with a focus on humility. Higher powers are asked to do something that is not done by self-will or determination.

Step 8: Willingness

In this eight-step, the patient will make the list of all the people that he has harmed. Then, the willing to make amends of all is taken although it is a difficult part.

Step 9: Forgiveness

The step is related to asking for direct forgiveness. The patient will be able to apologize at the right moments and feel guilty of past mistakes.

Step 10: Maintenance

In this world, nobody likes admitting their mistakes or the wrong things. But in a recovery process of addiction, it is very necessary to go with the spiritual progress.

Step 11: Making Contact

The main aim of this step is to understand God’s will for progression. For this many motivational programs and meditation sessions are organized at the rehab center.

Step 12: Service

This step simply is the result that the patient gets from the entire process. It is related to practice the principles and carries the message recovery for success.

The Siliguri rehab center uses 12-step programs to help the patient focus on sobriety. These steps are combined with the evidence-based recovery treatment including a medical detox.

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