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Drug addiction among young people

A majority of those addicted to illegal drugs like opium, heroin and inexpensive synthetic substances fall between 15 and 35 years old. The cases of addiction amongst youngsters are rising gradually with each passing day. The fundamental reason behind developing these habits of drug and substance abuse does can be diverse. Although peer pressure, depression could be one of the major reasons of drug addictions in the youth. The Siliguri rehab centre provides holistic care for the youngsters suffering from addiction and related signs.

What Is Drug Addiction? Described By Rehab Centre

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Drug addiction, also called substance use disorder, maybe a disease that affects an individual’s brain and behaviour and results in an inability to regulate the utilization of a legal or illegal drug or medication. Substances like alcohol, marijuana and nicotine are also considered drugs. If an individual is affected by the addiction, he or she does not realise the harm it causes to the mental and physical aspects of the body and the person continues to use it.

Drug addiction can start with the experimental use of a narcotic in social situations, and, for a few people, the drug use becomes more frequent. In the case of some people, the development of addiction has different roots. The addiction for drugs begins with exposure to prescribed medications or receiving medications from a peer or relative who has been prescribed the medication.

Why are the youth more inclined towards addiction?

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Young people’s brains are growing and developing until they’re their mid-20’s. this is often very true of the prefrontal cortex, which is employed to form decisions. shooting up when young can interfere with developmental processes occurring within the brain. It also can affect their decision-making. The sooner children start using drugs, the greater their chances of continuing to use them and become addicted later in life. shooting up once you are young can contribute to the event of adult health problems, like a heart condition, high vital sign, and sleep disorders.

Individuals who start using drugs and alcohol as teenagers are much more likely to develop an addiction than those that initiate use as an adult. In fact, addiction might be seen as primarily a teenager illness as most peoples’ addictions initially develop during this point period. Addiction may be a brain-based disorder.

Seeking Help from rehabilitation centre

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Consult from the best Siliguri rehab centre for a professional dealing in the addiction symptoms in the young people.

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