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The Road To Recovery

The road to recovery is a long trail, full of sharp twists and turns, and tangents on the way. Laden with guilt and fear, this journey is never an easy one. But the bountiful life at the end of it is what makes it all worthwhile. So, brave are those who pick the journey of recovery solely focusing on the betterment of their present self. Contact any Siliguri rehab centre today if you think you or your loved one needs help.

Table of contents:

  1. What is recovery?
  2. Two major types of recovery
  3. Other Therapies

What is recovery?

When addiction was discussed, people struggling with addiction described it as a lack of control, low self-esteem, loneliness, and dependence and for these people recovery was their triumph over addiction. Recovery is a process of realization and healing. Recovery is a general term most people on their journey to beat addiction use. Other common word used in place of recovery is Sober.

Two major types of recovery

Natural Recovery: Natural recovery is a pathway to recovery that does not include any formal therapy or a properly designated support system. In natural recovery a person stops using alcohol or other drugs on his or her own accord. This type of recovery largely depends on the support of friends and family, and the value of education. The people around you matters a lot during this recovery. Communication, being able to talk to people, and explain what you were going through, while a person who loves you and cares, patiently listened is one of the most effective keys to beating addiction via the natural recovery pathway.

12-Step-based programs: Most people opt for twelve-step based mutual aid programs, including AA and NA, and it constitutes as one of the recovery pathways most frequently cited by participants. A significant amount of addicts (45%) cited 12-step based programs as an important key to their recovery. Twelve-step mutual aid programs are based on the 12 principles of Alcoholic Anonymous which has now been adapted accordingly in various ways for many other substances and behaviors.

Other Therapies

Other Therapies used as a variety of alternative methods/therapies involves creative expression in their recovery. For some, art or music was important to their recovery and healing. For some creative writing may be the path to recovery. Any outlet of expression is very powerful and can be used to achieve healing and recovery while using their own creative abilities. People also cited that helping others also fueled them on the road to recovery as it allowed them to make a positive contribution to society.

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