The exact process of drug and alcohol addiction care can differ between facilities and patients, but the ultimate goal is a transition from a lifetime of dependency to a meaningful life.

Choosing to engage in treatment for drug/alcohol or any sort of addiction is a step towards independence.
Our rehab facilities provide the easiest and most accessible strategies to achieve sobriety and the greatest likelihood of preserving that once attained sobriety.
Treatment, however, is not a one-size-fits operation. Each patient needs specific treatment based on several factors, including the drugs to which they are addicted, how long they have been addicted, whether or not they have co-occurring disorders and personal preferences.

We have developed our treatment process for both addicted patients and their families

we have categorized these treatment processes in two parts:

Individuals with a dual diagnosis need a comprehensive treatment plan that discusses both physical health issues as well as mental health issues that are linked.

Our Dual Diagnosis Program is developed for such cases and is divided into two categories:

I. Psychiatric Problem.
II. Addiction Problem.

Family Anonymous is a 12-step program of families and friends who have felt a sense of desperation about someone important to them, often triggered by drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or other behavioral problems.

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