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Recovery During Social Distancing

The COVID-19 has created uncertainty and anxiety among people around the world. In this situation, the healthcare professionals are devoting their precious time to take care of the patients. Whereas the government of every country have advised to follow the safety precautions to the citizens. In the same way, the ones who are recovering from the addiction are following the safety measures mainly with social distancing. It is also a very high time for the ones who have taken the responsibility to recover the patients. Therefore, the wellness center in Siliguri has suggested special recovery ideas to follow while maintaining social distancing. In this way, the experts have been supporting in recovery and also been maintaining safety against the pandemic.

Table of Contents:

  • How can social networks help during recovery from addiction? 
  • What are the recommendations for maintaining recovery during social distancing?
  • Conclusion

How can social networks help during recovery from addiction? 

Wellness center in Siliguri with recover patients

The social networks will help to recover patients to stay in touch with people of the rehab center. By maintaining social distance, patients can connect with others without the need for physical presence. Many helping teams around the world are supporting the recovery process with new options of tele medicine.

The wellness center in Siliguri has also taken the initiative to explore ways with the move towards the online experience. The patients who have already learned the 12-step recovery program can be in stable mode on their own. For these patients, only a couple of advice on the online platform might work. The pathways to recovery are immense but these pandemics might be the concerned hurdle. This is why social networks can be a fabulous option during recovery.

 What are the recommendations for maintaining recovery during social distancing?

Rehab center with recommendations for maintaining recovery
  • Maintaining a plan for recovery and then working on that plan as well. The plan must be able to anticipate the expectations that might happen during recovery with complicated emotions. The emotions will pass on and the plan will support to move through the challenges.
  • Relying on avoidance and escape skills by identifying alternative activities with respect to social distancing. The practice of mindfulness and relaxation should be the main focus of the activities. Getting exercise, learning new skills and communication with loved ones can also be helpful.
  • Activating the supportive social networks with the use of reliable social media sources. Staying connected using various applications or just via telephone might clear out the needs.
  • Identifying the best path for telemedicine with right advice from the experts. Home medications for managing addictions should only be considered after receiving the instructions from the caring team.

The situation is really challenging for recovering patients. Therefore, to control patient’s emotions and behaviors the wellness center in Siliguri has arranged separate recovery patterns. The recovery is the key thing but the factor of social distance should be looked in the harder way as well.

Note: This information based blog is to help the readers and also the recovering patients to learn about the different ways that can be applied to recover from the addiction while maintaining social distance.

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