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Understanding Self Compassion And Common Humanity

The concept of self-compassion and common humanity goes hand in hand because both of their foundations are built on the fact that the feelings of inadequacy and disappointment are universal. But both of them are extremely important to rise from a setback. The specialist of numerous wellness center in Siliguri always advises their patients to have self-compassion when things are not aligned in your way. Time is the best healer but the only thing that can keep you well motivated is the self-belief that one-day things will take a turn for the better.

        This article mainly depicts the true concept of both self-compassion and common humanity and how you can help yourself to attain it for your own betterment along with a short description of the best wellness center in Siliguri.

Table of Content:

1. What are self-compassion and a common humanity?

2. How can you achieve self-compassion?

3. Hope Wellness Retreat

4. Conclusion

What are self-compassion and a common humanity?

Self-compassion may be truly defined as the feeling of being warm and understanding towards you when things go wrong. The idea really showcases that as a human being it is normal to have pain and suffering but you should ignore it rather than putting an unnecessary burden and self-criticism on your shoulder.

         Life is a full cycle of blessings and pain and success and failure. Life is wonderful when things go right but demanding when everything starts to fall apart. Similarly, common humanity celebrates the fact that life is full of unpleasant feelings but still we need to get our heads high because pain and suffering are a part of our lives too. We need to keep our heads high because it is not the end and good days are sure to bounce back.

How can you achieve self-compassion?

There are numerous ways that can help you to achieve self-compassion. Some of these are as follows.

1. Pretend yourself as a small kid

Mistakes of a child are often ignored so thinking about yourself as a child might reduce the burden on yourself and you may take things on a lighter note.

2. Always remember who you are

Sometimes smart people make mistakes and are not able to recover from them. So in these circumstances, you must listen to your inner voice as it will guide you towards a better understanding of what you are and channelize your inner belief.

3. Never think you are the only one

There are many people who may commit the same mistake and still have no effect on them. So you must think that you are not the only one who has done the same mistake.

Hope Wellness Retreat

We are a well-recognized wellness center in Siliguri that has been helping patients to channelize their inner self-compassion and common humanity through various means and activities so that they can rise from their setbacks.


Both the concepts are connected with deals to cope up against human failure and give the motivation to start from all over again.

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