Are you looking for the Best Rehab Centre in Fulbari, Siliguri? Your search ends here. You will get to know which is the best rehab centre in this particular locality. If you or anyone in your friend circle or family is suffering from acute drug or alcohol addiction, this list of rehab centres might be helpful. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

List of Best Rehab Centre in Fulbari Siliguri

Rehab CentresRatings (Till Now)
Hope Wellness Retreat335 Ratings on Google, 480 Ratings on Justdial
Hope Rehabilitation Centre & Nasha Mukti Kendra157 ratings on Google, 214 ratings on Justdial
Siliguri Sunrise Foundation153 ratings on Google, 324 ratings on Justdial
Genesis Foundation341 Ratings on Google, 384 ratings on Justdial
North Bengal Sobriety Foundation44 Google Reviews, 51 Ratings on Justdial
Sevoke Prayas Foundation79 Google Reviews, 89 Ratings on Justdial
The New Life Foundation26 ratings on Google, 35 ratings on Justdial

1. Hope Wellness Retreat

If you are looking for an affordable and quality rehab centre in Fulbari, Hope Wellness Retreat is a great choice. It has a 4.9 rating from 480 reviews on Justdial and 334 Google reviews. The centre has qualified doctors and friendly staff to help patients overcome their addictions. They have lots of positive reviews so you can trust them without any worry. You can contact them at this number +91 70635-26048 or can find other details

2. Hope Rehabilitation Centre & Nasha Mukti Kendra

Hope Rehabilitation Centre offers many kinds of therapies and addiction treatment to its guests. It has 157 ratings on Google and also 214 ratings on Justdial. If you need rational emotive behaviour therapy, detoxification, or drug and alcohol addiction treatment, this place is for you.

3. Siliguri Sunrise Foundation

Siliguri Sunrise Foundation Rehabilitation Centre is another rehabilitation centre serving the Pradhan Nagar area. They have a good rating of 4.9 out of 152 reviews. They offer therapy to people with substance abuse disorder. They offer services to their patients in the Fulbari area.

4. Genesis Foundation

Genesis Foundation is another good rehab centre in Siliguri. The rehab centre has a good rating on Google as well as Just Dial. It has 884 ratings on Just Dial and about 341 ratings on Google. This rehab centre offers detoxification, counselling, meditation, and therapy sessions for better progress of the patients.

5. North Bengal Sobriety Foundation

With 44 ratings on Google and 51 on Just Dial, the North Bengal Sobriety Foundation is another good rehab centre in Fulbari. This rehab centre offers a plethora of addiction treatments whether it is drug-related or alcohol related. If anyone close to you is struggling to get rid you their addiction, you can contact them to get treated.

6. Sevoke Prayas Foundation

Till Now, this particular rehab centre has 79 Google Reviews and 89 ratings on Just Dial. It is undoubtedly a good rehab centre that offers quality service to its patients. In fact, they also claim to be the best. Just like any other rehab centres mentioned here, they also provide a good number of treatments to prevent relapse and to get rid of drug addiction.

So these are the finest rehab centres in Fulbari that you can visit if you need good quality treatment for your family member or friend who is struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. However, as you can see, Hope Wellness Retreat shines among them all with its nearly 800 positive ratings, making it one of the most preferred rehab centres in Fulbari, Siliguri. So, don’t wait. Get treated by Hope Wellness Retreat soon to get quality treatment while staying in the homely luxury room at this rehab centre.

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