If you or any of your dear and near ones are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction and are looking for a rehab centre in Mallaguri, you are in the right place. Addiction, no matter whether it is from drugs or alcohol, hampers the way we live. To get rid of addiction, most of the time people need the help of a rehab centre. Hope Wellness Retreat is one such rehab centre that provides superb treatments to its patients. However, there are few other rehab centres worth mentioning too such as Siliguri Sunrise Foundation, Genesis Foundation, North Bengal Sobriety Foundation, The New Life Foundation, etc.

5 Best Rehab Centre in Mallaguri, Siliguri

Hope Wellness Retreat335 Ratings on Google, 480 Ratings on Justdial
Hope Rehabilitation Centre & Nasha Mukti Kendra157 ratings on Google, 214 ratings on Justdial
Siliguri Sunrise Foundation153 ratings on Google, 324 ratings on Justdial
Genesis Foundation341 Ratings on Google, 384 ratings on Justdial
North Bengal Sobriety Foundation44 Google Reviews, 51 Ratings on Justdial
Sevoke Prayas Foundation79 Google Reviews, 89 Ratings on Justdial
The New Life Foundation26 ratings on Google, 35 ratings on Justdial

1. Hope Wellness Retreat

Google Ratings: 335 reviews
Justdial Ratings: 480 reviews

Hope Wellness Retreat is well-known for its holistic approach to rehabilitation. It provides personalized treatment plans tailored to each person’s needs. Patients like the calm environment and the variety of therapies offered, including counseling, detox programs, and recreational activities for overall wellness. The centre’s high ratings on Google and Justdial show its effectiveness and patient satisfaction.

2. Hope Rehabilitation Centre & Nasha Mukti Kendra

Google Ratings: 157 reviews
Justdial Ratings: 214 reviews

Hope Rehabilitation Centre & Nasha Mukti Kendra specializes in addiction recovery. They offer complete treatment programs focusing on both physical detox and psychological counseling to help patients overcome addiction. The center is praised for its supportive staff and structured approach, guiding patients through recovery with care and compassion.

3. Siliguri Sunrise Foundation

Google Ratings: 153 reviews
Justdial Ratings: 324 reviews

Siliguri Sunrise Foundation stands out for its community-centric approach to rehabilitation. The centre emphasizes creating a supportive environment where patients feel understood and encouraged. They offer a variety of therapies and support groups designed to address different aspects of addiction recovery. Patients appreciate the warmth of the staff and the sense of belonging fostered at the centre, contributing to its positive ratings on both platforms.

4. Genesis Foundation

Google Ratings: 341 reviews
Justdial Ratings: 384 reviews

Genesis Foundation is known for its structured programs aimed at long-term recovery. The center combines evidence-based treatments with personalized care to address each patient’s unique challenges. They offer a supportive environment where individuals can focus on healing and rebuilding their lives. The consistently high ratings reflect the effectiveness of their programs and patient satisfaction.

5. North Bengal Sobriety Foundation

Google Ratings: 44 reviews
Justdial Ratings: 51 reviews

Although smaller in scale, North Bengal Sobriety Foundation receives positive feedback for its intimate setting and personalized approach. The center provides individualized attention to each patient, creating a nurturing environment conducive to recovery. Patients value the close-knit community and the dedicated efforts of the staff in supporting their journey towards sobriety.

6. Sevoke Prayas Foundation

Google Ratings: 79 reviews
Justdial Ratings: 89 reviews

Sevoke Prayas Foundation focuses on empowering individuals through rehabilitation and reintegrating them into society. The center offers a range of services, including counselling, vocational training, and family support, to address the multifaceted aspects of addiction recovery. Patients appreciate the comprehensive approach and the dedication of the staff, contributing to its positive reviews on both platforms.

7. The New Life Foundation

Google Ratings: 26 reviews
Justdial Ratings: 35 reviews

The New Life Foundation may be smaller in size but is recognized for its compassionate care and personalized treatment plans. The center provides a supportive environment where patients receive individualized attention from a committed team of professionals. Patients commend the caring approach and the positive impact on their recovery journey.

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