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Rehab Centre in Siliguri

What is Rehab?

Rehab is the residential rehabilitation treatment program for the addiction following both traditional and new models of recovery. It is an intense program that gives proper guidance to the patients regarding the positive and personal aspects of life. The approach towards the mental and emotional health of a patient helps the rehab centre in siliguri to deal with the particular problem and find the most effective solution to get along with the recovery stages

Steps Followed for Addiction Treatment

The rehab centre in Siliguri follows five major steps to help the addict recover as quickly as possible and instruct them to live a life free of dependence.

1. Detoxification

2. Diagnosis

3. Cognitive Therapy

4. Family Therapy

5. Medication

What Are The Benefits Of Rehab?

The people facing the problems of addiction are getting the best results in the rehab centre in Siliguri. With the holistic approachment towards therapy, the patients are getting the best merits from the rehab centre.

  • Supportive and safe environment for the patients
  • Effective treatment therapy to reduce relapse
  • Emergency medical and clinical support to the patient
  • Setting up the new target and accomplishing the goals
  • Maintaining a healthy habit with proper recovery classes
  • Confidence uplift with interactive and communicative sessions

The person suffering from any type of addiction can go for rehab. Addiction doesn’t only mean the addiction towards drugs, alcohol or smoking, it means the complete rehab of any kind of regular addiction which people cannot get away from their life. For an example; if a person uses mobile phones more than anything else then, that is considered to be the addiction, if a person has the habit of playing games in a computer for more than 15 hours a day then, it is the addiction towards games. The rehab centre in Siliguri helps people to overcome the addiction and eliminate distractions with many recovery sessions.

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