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Wellness Centre in Siliguri

Health and wellness are the two sides of the same coin as the wellness of an individual is completely dependent upon good health. However, many people do not know the concept and role of wellness centre which keeps them away from taking the benefits of those centres. In Siliguri, there are many wellness centres that are guiding the people towards a better and positive lifestyle. The wellness centre in Siliguri helps the patients to get the freedom from certain addictions that has wrapped and ruined their life. From the fitness to the rehabilitation programs, the wellness centres are established to provide all the adequate service to the people.

What are the Dimensions of Wellness?

There are eight dimensions of wellness and each dimension are interrelated with another, the wellness centre in Siliguri follows all the dimensions to give the recovery service from the major addictions.

1. Occupational Wellness

2. Emotional Wellness

3. Spiritual Wellness

4. Environmental Wellness

5. Financial Wellness

6. Physical Wellness

7. Social Wellness

8. Intellectual Wellness

The Vision Of Wellness Centre

The main inspiring vision of the wellness centre in Siliguri is to provide quality services to patients with adequate medical care and prevention. These centres focus on the integration of a person for the achievement of the recovery towards addiction. The mind, body and spirit all function in a systematic way and if the patient can control this three main elements then, that patient will surely find the inner peace to get away from the addicted factor.

Why Is Wellness Centre Important?

  • For the behavioural change of an individual.
  • Reducing the health risks emerged during the addiction
  • Successful recovery with the skill development program
  • Relapse prevention with proper psychotherapy
  • Building the self-confidence inside the patient
  • Implementing the knowledge of patience
  • Motivational speech for bringing the independent character
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